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11 / 04 /1987
MSc, Chemistry
5' 4"

22 / 03 /1983
5' 6"

Ravikanth( SKV1105 )&Geethanjali( SKV0906 )
M Ravikanth (SK No.1105M) & K GEETHANJALI (SK No.0906F) It was great day in my life. We contacted the parents and we both like each other and now we are getting married. My dreams about my life partner became true because of They made my life brighter and better. Tons of wishes to your team going further with all success.
  Sri Srinivasa Kalyana Vedika (Mudiraj Marriage Bureau Only), Hyderabad, is proud to present the website for the Mudiraj Bride & Grooms. Mudiraj Marriage Bureau, Hyderabad is organizing various Vadhu - Var? Parichay? programmes in Hyderabad over a period of nearly 15 years. This has helped various aspirant Brides and Grooms for finding their suitable matches. Further to enhance the facility. Mudiraj Marriage Bureau, Hyderabad is providing online matrimonial search for all.

In order to facilitate business for entrepreneurs, businessmen amongst the Mudiraj community and Society, the Mudiraj Marriage Bureau, Hyderabad Website,? will help them to promote / improve their business through it. It will definitely facilitate the users of internet to have an access for their business needs. Needless to emphasize that this will be a sort of an advertisement of their own business.

Mudiraj Marriage Bureau, Hyderabad has brought out all these services for all the needy in the community and the procedures are very liberal and user friendly. For Login details - Contact? @ 9000809008